Never Party Without One


Matt you are FANTASTIC! Of all the weddings I've been to I know how vital the DJ is like I said when we first met and you did not disappoint. I got at least 10 compliments of people saying the dancing was great the vibe the MC created was great and there was never a moment people weren't entertained or excited. You are approachable too, welcoming people to make requests. You killed it with the music. People you could tell we're tired but you are so good they just kept going. Old folks stayed longer they said bc they loved the music!  You kept everyone engaged and was the highlight of the wedding without taking anything away from Chris or I. I can't tell you how thrilled I am with how it turned out. Matt you are a true star. 
Thank you again so much!!!! I will absolutely refer you!! Jenna & Chris (Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego, CA) 

Thanks so much Matt!  You killed it and were a true pleasure to work with...always refreshing.  Thanks for being such an important part of our evening! Amy SURFAID (Duke's, Malibu CA) 

Matt Orozco is a true pro & a master at what he does!
Our original reception DJ had to move away before our wedding and we were so incredibly blessed that Matt was available to MC & DJ our wedding reception . Our wedding had many details with slideshows, timed announcements, special requests & Matt more than exceeded our expectations! What made him so unique was his ability to read the crowd, mix multiple songs together and keep the dance floor packed non stop! We had friends that never dance, but couldnĂ­t help themselves from joining the party all night! Most of our guests were so sore from dancing that they could barely walk for days! 

Matt you are the man. Thank you!  Brian & Felicia (Paradise Point, San Diego CA)

Matthew Orozco, DJ Rockstar did an amazingly awesome job as the DJ at our wedding! Every song was super fun and it was like a dance club for all ages. It was more than just a guy coming to play music for us at our reception. He took a lot of time to customize our play list to songs that we wanted to hear and did not play songs we definitely did not want to hear. He customized our entrance music and really put his heart into the execution of a perfect night of reception entertainment. Thanks Matt for making or wedding reception the best night ever! Jason & Margy (Chicago IL)

Matthew Orozco dj'd my wedding 2 years ago tomorrow!!!! Completely stuck to my do not play and request list. Even threw together a special "metal" set list for me! Professional, experienced and fun! Worth every penny! Best DJ ever!

Mike & Jessie (Chicago IL)

Matt totally made our wedding recetion amazing! We held our celebration on a boat on Lake Champlain in Vermont, and I think everyone on the boat was dancing, even my 95 year old Grandmother! The music and atmosphere was so amazing thanks to Matt. One magical moment was sitting with my new husband, with all our loved ones surrounding us, beautiful sunset behind us, and Matt played "Here Comes the Sun", and it was a moment in time that was so amazingly special I will never forget! He also played the theme from Love Boat when my husband and I were announced, and it was awesome! Matt is the best DJ ever, and he listens, and plays exactly what you want, when you want. We love you Matt!

George & Noelle (Burlington VT)