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MVTTH3W an established drummer, studio session player and working actor turned DJ. In the early 2000's ROCKSTAR was producing quick mixes that incorporated different genres to create new ones. This new genre was soon named mash-up. In 2004 his mash-ups & mixes caught the attention of Coors Light. He was signed on as the official DJ for the "Coors Light/Maxim Search Party Tour".  Since then he has grown a global audience. As a performer he plays many different types of events public and private nationally and internationally. Expect to hear more of his signature mash-ups, remixes and original material in 2024.

ROCKSTAR lives to make every room he plays keep up with his never ending energy. He constantly reads the crowd; stealing through the music as if he knows your playlist by heart. Where most DJ's would throw down 40 to 60 tracks in a 2-hour set, ROCKSTAR is slamming in 120+ of the hottest house, rock, hip hop, top 40, remixes and mashups the globe has to offer.


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